2/20 (Sat) Human Elements “Influenced” @ Loop, Tokyo.


Coming this Saturday (20th Feb 2010), there is an event which is a bit different from usual. Every DJs is playing what influenced them. you will hear HipHop, R&B to Jazz, Soul to House, Techno, Jungle,Old Skool DNB over the night !

今週土曜日(2/20)にいつもとは少し違った”Human Elements – Influenced”と題して、各DJが影響と受けて来た音楽をプレイします。一晩で、HipHop, R&B,Jazz, Soul,House, Techno, Jungle, ,Old Skool DNBなどなど、新旧あらゆる音楽が体験できるスペシャルナイトです。

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