DJ Marky & Friends Presents MAKOTO

MAKOTO - Sleeve ArtworkF先日からちょくちょくお伝えしていた僕の最新ミックスCD DJ Marky & Friends Presents Makotoが10月に発売になります!このミックスCDは”The Master Plan”という2007年に発売されたInnergroundのコンピレーションの続編にあたるもので、主にInnergroundの過去、現在、そして未来の音源を使ってミックスしました。久々の正規ミックスCD発売ということでかなりうれしいし、自分でも満足いく出来映えとなりました!残念ながら日本盤は出る予定はありませんが、HMVアマゾンでは予約受付中で、iTunes,beatportやWasabeatでもデジタルで買う事ができるようになる予定です。今のところ発売日は10/12になる予定です!
Innerground is happy to announce the forthcoming release of the second instalment of the “DJ MARKY & FRIENDS PRESENTS” series, mixed by none other than MAKOTO!
In recent years, Makoto has proved himself to be a serious and diverse producer; creating some truly timeless hits and backing them up with outstanding live shows across the globe.
Appearing in his first mix compilation since 2006, Makoto was the first and most obvious choice to move the series forward from the ever-popular Masterplan mixed by DJ Marky.
The compilation is a tight and upbeat selection of Innerground music past, present and future, featuring artists such as Calibre, Logistics, DJ Marky & Makoto collaborations and some stunning tracks from up and comer S.P.Y. As well as this, there has been an element of outside influence from some of our most respected and favourite labels around including CIA and Human Elements. Makoto smooth style and attention to detail compliment the Innerground catalogue immensely and the result is a full bodied and well rounded mix that encompasses the many different faces of Drum and Bass today. Due out on the 12th October, this is a mix to define 2009.

01.S.P.Y – “Innersoul”
02.Marky & Makoto – “Secret Place” (Random Movement remix)
03.Marky & Makoto – “Aquarius” feat. Deeizm
04.Marky & S.P.Y – “Tapestry” feat. Miri
05.Marky & S.P.Y – “Riff Raff”
06.Logistics – “Millionaire”
07.Marky & S.P.Y – “The Dopper Effect”
08.Makoto – “Good Old Days”
09.Random Movement – “Waterlogged”
10.Calibre – “Like It Is”
11.8Bits – “On Your Mind”
12.Random Movement,Mixmaster Doc & Focus – “My Sentiments”
13.Marky & XRS – “Striptease”
14.Fabulous – “The Words Of Love” (Makoto Remix )
15.Marky & S.P.Y – “Kinky Funky”
16.Makoto & Deeizm – “Stop” (Human Elements)
17.Drumagick – “So Far Away”
18.Marky, Random Movement & S.P.Y – “Give Me Your Love” feat. Miri
19.Switch – “Is Your Life”
20.S.P.Y – “Like a Dream”