Forthcoming HE:Digital Releases

I’m happy to announce new HE:Digital releases. more to come after these releases !

HEDIGI004 – Long awaited “Holy Tuesday” by Marky, Makoto & Sonic , along side with “Tiger Eyes” by Makoto & Sonic. Out on 2nd July 2010 on download only / 7月02日ダウンロード販売開始。

More info: CLICK HERE

HEDIGI005–  A showcase of Japanese underground music scene, “HE:Possibilities” compilation album presented by Makoto.  Out on 16th July 2010 on downloadonly. / 日本人プロデューサーの曲を中心にMAKOTOがコンパイルした”HE:Possibilities“コンピーレーションアルバム。7月16日ダウンロード販売開始。

More info : CLICK HERE