HEDIGI009: Velocity










“Concentration EP”

Release Date: 2011-12-09

Japanese DJ/ Producer Velocity’s first EP, “Concentration EP” is being released on HE:Digital. All 4 tracks have grabbed the attention and support of major artists, such as Makoto, A-Sides and Random Movement etc.

01 Velocity & Key MC – Ladder (Amen VIP)
An expansive, melodic track that still maintains the sheer beauty of the original.Ladder by Velocity & Key MC from HEDIGI 008 “Something We Can Do”. Adding an Amen break along with various musical instruments such as piano, harp, strings and horns, the track is ready to blend on any occasion.

02 Velocity – Walk On By
A mellow & positive vibe tune, that while keeping the soulful feeling by combining guitar and rhodes, is also capable of smashing up the floor.  With the breakdown switching to a half-step beat, this track keeps the ravers on their toes.

03 Key MC – Rainfall (Velocity Remix)
Straight up roller. Remixing Key MC’s solo breakbeats track “Rainfall”, this track is all about the beautiful melody yet expressing sorrow rainfall which lost throe way out. Not a lot to be explained, just feel the glistening sorrow of Rainfall…

04 Velocity – Scream To The Dark
This is a deep tune with a baseline that keeps you closed off deep underground. One of the best production from Velocity. Tight beats and smooth sample lines settle the track Scream To The Dark.

東京を中心に日本国内で活躍するVelocityによる自身初のEPとなる、 “Concentration EP” がHE:Digitalよりリリース。HEDIGI008 “Something We Can Do” に収録され注目を浴びたLadderのRemixを始め、メロディアスなフロアチューン”Walk On By”、Key MCによるピアノチューン”Rainfall (Velocity Remix)”、地を這うようなベースラインが特徴のScream To The Darkと、タイトル通り全てをここに注ぎ込んだ4曲を収録。既に世界中のアーティストからサポートを受けている。

Velocity – Concentration EP (HE:Digital 009) by HE:Digital